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Sworn translations

Your certified expert

Do you need the services of a sworn translator certified by the Belgian courts for FR-DE-EN-NL translations?


With B-Trad your documents are in good hands.

Listed with the National Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters, Bruce Corre ensures that your translations are duly certified, ready to be handed over to the authorities.

Bruce Corre guarantees top-quality translations thanks to long-standing expertise earned with the Federal Public Service Justice and via various refresher technical training courses.

Examples of work: birth, death or marriage certificates, articles of association, publications in the Belgian Official Gazette, business contracts, rulings, powers of attorney and any type of document that requires a sworn translation.

As prices are set according to the complexity of your document, do not hesitate to contact me for a fast and customised quote! Also feel free to put any organisational or technical questions you may have to me.

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