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General and specialised



At B-Trad, your translation will be given the VIP treatment.


All formats can be handled (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, paper, idml, etc.).

Send your 'source' document and receive the translation within the shortest possible deadline.

B-Trad provides you with high-quality general translations.

Serving your needs thanks to B-Trad’s command of

legal, pharmaceutical, corporate and commercial translations,

an expertise gained from assiduous conference and training course attendance.


As a member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters and Lextra Lingua,

I keep abreast of developments in this exciting profession.

Examples of work:

  • General translations: sales articles, press releases, promotional websites, etc.

  • Legal translations: contracts, articles of association, legal notices, general terms and conditions, GDPR, diplomas, minutes, deeds, etc.

  • Medical translations: informed consents, patient files, medical information sheets, expert reports, etc.

  • Corporate translations: reports, CPPW, work procedures, meeting minutes, etc.

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