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Revision and post-editing

Attention to detail

Examples of disastrous machine translations abound and can make you smile...

That being said, machine translation is gaining ground, and with good reason.

In certain specific contexts, they can be very useful and competent,

But, misused, you are heading for disaster. How many times have I been confronted with a machine translated text, where the correction work often ends up being more expensive than a 'human' translation from scratch.

However, translators have no choice but to evolve in step with the technology.

B-Trad has no problem taking on the revision of your human or machine translations.


Post-editing is an additional step that sets out to give the human touch to the machine output,

to give it the right meaning in the precise context of the document (which the machine is not yet able to do...).

To a certain extent, it can be considered a new translation,

where the text generated by the machine translator is used only as a framework.

Don't hesitate to send me your projects, even if they are pre-translated and I’ll analyse them for you free of charge.

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