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Bruce Corre

Sworn Translator


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Reactive - Thorough - Inspired

B-Trad is your trusted translation partner for complete peace of mind.

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Sworn and certified translations

Your sworn expert

Are the authorities asking you

to have a sworn translator

certify the validity

of your document

in the eyes of the law?

Leave it all to B-Trad.

General translations


Because every word counts

Need a general, legal, medical,

HR or marketing translation?

That's just down our street!


In French, Dutch,

German and English.



Attention to detail

The machine translation didn’t quite measure up?


The problem is, your text had to be of publishable quality.


B-Trad to the rescue.

Looking for a plan B?  Well you’ve come to just the right place.

Multilingual projects

On-site translation

By your side from A to Z

Keep cool! B-Trad can

take on your projects

in several languages.


B-Trad is also happy to come

on-site if the work calls for t

he physical presence

of a translator.

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Thank you for the determination, punctuality and thoroughness!

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Project manager at Isciencia sa

Get in touch!

No two projects are the same.

A sworn translation, a medical text, a revision, an on-site translation and a multilingual project all make different demands on the translator.


Guaranteed quick response!

Thank you for sending!

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Bruce Corre

At your command!

After graduating from the ISTI (Institut Supérieur des Traducteurs et Interprètes) in Brussels in 2008, I had the good fortune of being entrusted with several projects at various translation agencies (Berlitz Translation Services, Production-La Hulpe) and of working as a multilingual project manager and French subtitler for the European Parliament (Mostra Communication), before setting up at the head of my very own company specialising in translation services in 2012.


Since then, by dint of hard work and participation in numerous conferences and training courses, I have become a specialist in legal, pharmaceutical, HR and commercial translation.


As a member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters and Lextra Lingua, I have the opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse of developments in this exciting profession.


Proactive and enterprising by nature, I am passionate about this noble profession that allows me to learn and evolve day after day. Positive feedback from my clients always gives me a real boost.


“Try me and you won’t look back!”

Breaking news

La CBTI crée une Commission sectorielle "Traducteurs-Interprètes Jurés" - octobre 2020

Bruce Corre devient vice-président et secrétaire de la CS-TIJ auprès de la CBTI avec un objectif en tête : la défense des intérêts du secteur et une communication optimale avec le monde judiciaire.

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General terms

and conditions

For the sake of transparency, please do not hesitate to consult the B-Trad General Terms and Conditions.

No secrets between us,

et's start on solid foundations......

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& Ethics

B-Trad is bound by professional secrecy and guarantees the confidentiality of your contact details and the information contained in your documents, in compliance with the laws in force and the ethical codes of the profession.

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